The advantages of breastfeeding during maternity

Rafaelle Mendes Advantages of Breastfeeding Breastfeeding

  "The baby who´s breastfed with human milk, the only food with defenses against
disease, becomes strong, intelligent and emotionally happy!"


The child was born to be fed on the mother's breast. The advantages of human milk over artificial milk, however modified it may be, are incontestable. Below I cite the great advantages in breastfeeding a child according to the teachings acquired in the book "A Vida do Bebê” (The Life of the Baby) by Rinaldo De Lamera, who was a great writer, Brazilian pediatrician.

a) Colostrum (name given to milk in the first week of life) is the first vaccine the
child receives. It has substances that protect the baby against viruses, has
antibodies (defenses) for various diseases, especially infectious diarrhea.

b) It’s more nutritious. Calcium from human milk is better assimilated than cow's
milk and medicine. Children are likely to become taller and smarter.

c) It’s more hygienic, there is no danger of being contaminated, causing dangerous intestinal infection. The colostrum is naturally yellowish and thick, it’s not pus! The lack of understanding of this natural phenomenon leads to the weaning of many children.

d) Breastfeeding does not only satisfy the baby's body but also its spirit. The bottle can hardly replace the breast, especially when given by someone else.

e) The woman who breastfeeds conserves and improve her beauty, depriving the
belief that breastfeeding causes breasts to fall.

f) Breastfeeding facilitates the return of the uterus to its normal size. The uterine
involution is faster and the blood loss is smaller, because during the suction of
the breast there are uterine contractions that facilitate the involution.

g) Breast milk protects against obesity because the child only takes the necessary
amount without excess in the exact composition for their needs.

h) Breastfeeding protects against breast cancer, which is very rare in women who

i) Breast milk is free!


_________________________________________________________________ From "A Vida do Bebê” (The Life of the Baby) by Rinaldo De Lamera, who was a great writer, Brazilian pediatrician.


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