To be a mother!

Rafaelle Mendes What it means to be a mother?

From a very young age, I was always certain that being a mother was something that I certainly wanted to accomplish in this life. After I met the man who came to become my partner and husband we had our beloved son, Christian. Becoming a mother was something completely magical and at the same time strange. Magical, because we imagine how we can create such a perfect creature, and strange because a child changes our way of being and acting.


I will not go here reporting the entire course of my pregnancy so the text will not be long, but overall my pregnancy was as most healthy pregnancies happen. Discomfort during the first three months, restlessness and insomnia in the last weeks are normal characteristics of a pregnant woman. I say that wanting to be a mother is like a goal to be achieved, we must focus on the outcome! There will be discomfort and perhaps difficulties during pregnancy, but the total focus must be on the encounter between you and the beloved child planned, desired or even coming unplanned, you should love it!

After birth is another phase. As we know there are many stages of a live human, lol. Babies are fragile and need care, affection and love. The more they grow, the more they need care. There will be many cries, sometimes can be hungry, dirty nappy or due to the cramps of the first few months. We mothers, especially first-time mothers, needs time to understand the meaning of each cry, so don’t be hard on yourself, just enjoy every moment with your baby, as time goes by so fast!

Today I can say that I feel fulfilled as a mother, because I feel the love of my son constantly. Whether in playtime or even in stressful moments, but they always return to our lap with an affectionate look and hug. The love of a child is the purest love that exists, there is no comparison!

But what is it to be a mother? What make us become the person and the mother we are, is the family environment and the culture from where we live. So, every mother is different! I believe that what makes us similar is the fact that we always try to do the best for our children, even when we have made mistakes, we have been trying to get it right. In the end, the important thing for our children will always be the love, the understanding and the opportunities we will give them.


Love, Care and Educate, and Your child Will Always Be Thankful!



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