Baby's Development 0-3 Months

Rafaelle Mendes

The First Three Months of Baby’s Life


The First Month

Still inside mum’s tommy, babies are able to hear and react to the outside world. Vision is one of the least developed senses of a baby, because it was not required during pregnancy. However, hearing in a newborn is most closely related to that of its parents, because it begins to develop from the fifth month of pregnancy. The fetus can hear the noises of the mother's heart and the noise of all maternal organs. This perception early in life means that after birth, within 3 days the newborns will be able to recognize the mother's voice and after 20 days they are able to make sounds in response or turn the head towards the noise.

The taste of newborns is also well developed at this stage. According to pediatricians they can distinguish sour, salty, bitter and sweet, with preference for the last one. Remember that each child develops differently and at different times, but generally during the first month babies can breastfeed about 10 times a day and sleep for 20 to 22 hours. The Feeding and sleeping gradually adapt to the routine.


The Second Month

Here the child can already lift his chin, turn his head on his side when lying face down (when is awake), demonstrating that the neck muscles are advancing. The most expected stage for parents is to see them smile. The “social smile” starts now, at two months, and indicates, according to pediatricians, that the child's psychic and affective development is doing well.

During the first two months, the child's vision is already more developed. Here the babies can better understand mother's face. They can already see the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the details! The baby is able to fix and follow with the objects and people. As well as recognizing everyone who often lives with him, such as his father, grandparents and nanny.


The Third Month

At this stage the child's spine is already erect. The babies can lift the head, trunk, stretch arms more and move the head looking for objects and sounds. The child begins to know the consistency, volume and texture of objects from the mouth, and the mouth is the main instrument that leads the child to discover the world.

Now the sleep routine changes, going to sleep an average of 16 hours a day. It may seem like a lot yet, however it is critical for them not to eat more calories than necessary. The metabolism of a child works differently from that of an adult. It is more active, but your metabolism takes longer to convert the nutrients in your diet into useful substances. And by sleeping it controls its development.

The baby's involuntary reflexes continue to decrease. The babies can already turn the little body to the side and by the end of this month they beginning to babble, as if they’re having a dialogue with their parents.


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